Women’s Self-Defense

The combination of Judo and Jiu Jitsu is the perfect self-defense system for women. When applied correctly, the techniques being used employs leverage and timing not strength or speed. This means that, regardless of age or athletic ability, any one applying Judo or Jiu Jitsu techniques on a stronger, much large opponent will be able to successfully defend one’s self. The Women’s Safeguard Program™ is a program for women’s self defense base around the principles and philosophies of both Judo and Jiu Jitsu. In this 20 lesson program, we teach you how to neutralize and control the most common street attacks that law enforcement officials and survivors of sexual assault have helped us to identify. These techniques range from hair grabbing to being threaten by a weapon on the ground. Each 1.5 hour lesson is grouped into 4 blocks with 5 lessons in each block in which the student is exposed to every aspect of real self defense. You can start the program at any time and do not need any previous experience to learn the techniques that are taught in any of the block lessons. Once the student has all 4 block in the Women’s Safeguard Program™, that student is eligible test for the Safeguard Belt. 

How do we step you through our program? 

We have divided the Women’s Safeguard Program™ 20 lessons into 4 blocks with 5 lessons per block. Each block is totally independent of the other block which allows each student to complete each lesson at their own pace. We have designed each lesson cover a vital aspect of real world street fighting defense, and any of the lessons learned can be immediately applied in a street fighting defense scenario by student. Upon enrolling into the Women’s Safeguard Program™, the student can track and keep up with the lessons she has covered and lessons left to go using our app at no additional charge to the student.

How do we train you to be able to quickly recall and employ the right defense within seconds?

In the Women’s Safeguard Program™, we take the time to teach our students how to development their reflexes using our ART Cuing System™. ART stands for awareness response tactics. We employ the ART Cuing System™ in each training block which allows the student to address the most common mistakes they make under pressure.

What the end goal of the program?

Once the student complete each training block, the student become eligible to take the Safeguard Belt exam. During this 20 minutes exam, we will assess your execution of all 20 lessons in a real world simulation with the instructors posing as assailant. When the student has passes the exam with an 85% or higher, the student will be awarded the Safeguard Belt. As a Safeguard Belt, the student can continue learning and refining their street defense techniques by completing 8 advance blocks. Every 2 advance blocks completed will earn the student on their belt for a total of 4 stripes that could be earned by the student. Once the student has completed all 8 advance blocks, the student is eligible to take the blue belt examination. The goal for this program is to graduate as many ladies as possible to blue belt and beyond in Jiu Jitsu. We are confident that with the knowledge of a blue belt or higher any lady that has gone through this program can defense herself in a real world street fighting defense scenario.